Writing to escape

to get ahead of the pain 

Back to the basics

pen and paper

Love… I’m trying to remember 

But… It seems that the hands of fate was… 

Well…  it was written in pencil

and the aches of time has erased it

So there’s nothing written on these pages

Loose leafs blowing… 

Even the lines are fading

In a story that was mine

Ah heart that’s played a hurtful trick on me… 

April’s fool.. 

My love was a story written in

ink invisible … 

Once glowing so bright 

Even in the dark

Now nothing but grey pastels 

and clouds unmoved

Made up just for this unwanted view

On a table sits a banquet of artificial roses


I take in its fragrance

The smell of unscented perfumes liters the air 

Abandoned nostrils

reach out… 

But nothings there.. 

Light dimmed by circumstances 

Circumventing life

But can’t get around It 

no matter how hard I try.. 

Can’t slip it 

So I

might as well deal 

with it… 

Those pits that stalk 

like thieves in the night

that move about stealing happiness

So I’ll write about it

Maybe I’ll keep it

on file on this broken heart

Where I’ll memorize it

Maybe I’ll recite it

Some day

Open mic

Spyt it

Find a publisher

of sad shit

Write a best seller full of brokeness

And have it published 

Copyrighted in Congress 

Scribbled etches

Scares abrase this hearts pages 

Delicate were the fingers 

that plagiarized it

Taken it 

while life was still in it

Pumping pumping pumping

While it was still beating


So I’ve replace the blood

with ink from arteries 

Surgically severed by the hands of God… 

Despondently as I… 

Rewrite what was written 

On these blank

Loose leaf sheets

This story of a broken heart

Writing to escape.. 




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    Love that was lost... When your heart gets broken kinda love... 



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