My cricket ball went in the pond alongside the field,

it was impossible to get it back, I appealed.

I went to the bank,

just then I was underwater due to a yank.

I felt a hand on my shoulder,

and turned back to see a man made up of some boulder.

I felt breathless,

So I came up to the surface of water being restless.

Then someone stabbed me from behind,

and it could not reach up to my mind,

that how could someone cross such limits of mankind.

I was killed merciless,

But I completely believe it was worthless.

I would have loved to know the reason to be killed,

it was my last wish, which wasn’t fulfilled.

So I may come in your soul someday,

I hope you don’t mind that, anyway.

  • :

    Some words which I think is difficult to understand

    [Yank- pull with a jerk]


    [Boulder- a large rock]



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