Jehovah God isn’t responsible for bad things that happen, Satan is.
Satan is responsible for the cruelty and suffering, the cause of it all is entirely his.
When wicked things happen, some people say that it’s God’s will.
But Satan is the one responsible when people lie, steal and kill.
Satan is the one to blame for the bad things that have occurred.
Songs were once clean but now some are littered with the F word.
When people hurt other people and commit other crimes, Satan is to blame.
When people say that these things are God’s will, it’s not true and it’s a shame.
Cruelty and suffering are things that Jehovah God abhors.
The world needs God more now than it ever has before.
Obama says not to fear the future but I guarantee things will continue to get worse.
Satan will cause people to do even more evil, because of him, the world is cursed.
But when Jesus returns, suffering and cruelty will cease.
If you turn to God, you will gain eternal life and peace.



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