Now we wish we could start again,

little do we know – know that all is vain,

when we leave this year we wont be coming back,

the days are final then new track ahead.

We have some friends to stand with us today,

few were lost between – we wish we`ll meet someday,

we`ll remember how they made us laugh,

we wish to remember how we use to talk.

The friends we have who stand with us,

are those who saw sand and rock with us,

yet they say time is cost – though we`ll think of them a lot,

know that memories fade- we have to hold so they never lost.

Now we wish we could start again,

not all those years but this night is main.

we hope of new beginning,

which take us from surrounding,

 keeping the fun we had too close,

still careless even if sun just rose,

we lived some years with our eyes half open,

we wish to say GOODBYE with our heats full broken.

  • :

    I wrote this poem on my college farewell.



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