I will clench my pen to my heart where fair minds are slothful to reach;
I will breed my psychosis to conceivable saneness,
Beyond the inaptness of convincing man or anything they could teach!

I will clench my pen to my heart to heal my contravened poems,
Until the gauge of perceptive beat the world to my hefty tongue
To put my name in writing like incises of poetry in unregimented times!

I will do this and all this because I can only be me but none else,
I will, “until the day go dead and shadows flee.”
Until the end of time!

I will hit it off from my cerebral lea to bleed my thoughts free
In and out of time until the day go dead and shadows flee
With unsettled fades like the concept of Elizabethan writer’s spree!

I will rail kachikau to unflustered bounds,
Where in prayer, peace, poetry and common grounds!
We slam our knotted pates until dawn deceases down to day
Where everything I wrote would stay!

But someday I shall be no more to contain your tears when you cry for my withered creeds,
So learn, understand and acknowledge a little bit of me!
Now, before day go dead and shadows flee!

When he isn’t racking up titles for his poetry, he serves in writing as a Poet in Residence in the Echo Newspaper, On Campus poetry column where he has 20+ published poems between July 2014 and now. Born October 5th 1992 in Kachikau, Mpho, an ingenious and fertile poet of our time, even the sound of his name is downhome, country and simple and that’s the obvious vision of him, thin parceled bits of his condensed black hair, quietened personality in smart casual reciting his poem “A little bit longer” “Long the passion would shudder with such peeving, And I would screech in stillness like a complete idiot, When such desire drive out the blend in me… To paint a piece of paper well painted with what seems,” In 2010, Mpho signed up to be a member of the Francistown Living Archives and writers Club (FLAW), 4 years later he still haven’t sallied a home that raised him to be poet he is today, He has performed in several happenings facilitated by the club around Francistown such as fund raisers, talent shows, concerts and poet to poets recitals etc. He has also collaborated with international and local poets, the likes of Donald Munyaradzi Kuutsi (Zimbabwe), Blessing Masora (Zimbabwe), Albert Sitlhole (Zimbabwe), Pardon Simango (Zimbabwe), Jennifer Legotlwane (Botswana), Star Phalane (Botswana) to name but a few. Mpho has showcased at a lot of dissimilar events recently which include; 24-10-2014 TeAids, (organized by the Tertiary Education Council) position 2 12-11-2014, the Call, Hosted by Diverse Verse Poetry Invasion 2014, Hosted by UB poetry society A lot of desirable qualities can be marked, composed and rendered out about this man but let’s leave it to his work to speak for him. His labors are featured in various online raised areas where they receive valuable feedback, links as follows; http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poems_by_poet.aspx?ID=29205 http://poetrypoem.com/cgi-bin/index.pl?sitename=poet8430&item=all http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/MphoLeteng/ http://allpoetry.com/Mpho_leteng



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