You took my heart and soul

You left me here and went away

You could’ve changed your mind

Why didn’t you just stay?

I don’t know what is fair

I don’t know who’s to blame

When life decided to separate us

You chose to lock me in a frame

I’m not trying to forget you

I just can’t forget you, can I?

I’m just trying to move along

Don’t ask me how hard I try

I seem to laugh and smile

But the fact is I really cry

I seem to soar and dance

But the fact is I can’t fly

I’m nothing but a drifting quill

Floating in a sadistic whirlwind

Jogging between all corners of Earth

No home to resort to, or to live in

I’m nothing but a shattered heart

A walking man without a driving soul

Every time I try to rise

I just crumble and then fall




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