when I get old,
my dear things will be sold,
all the broken teeth,
I will be dim and beneath,
disease cursing my body,
only things left will be my story,
will you love me still,
when I left only to stick,
this is the reality,
so change your mentality,
old people are gems,
they are the strongest stems,
bearing most juicy fruit,
don’t treat them life brute,

  • :

    I wrote this poem as a tribute to my grandfather who passed two years ago but his teaching and all the lessons of moral values he taught me is helping me today in succeeding in my life.


    Today, I saw kids disrespecting their elders especially grandparents and the nuclear family culture it hurts me to the core of my heart. 

Hello, I am fond of reading and writing stuff from my childhood. I only present original poems right from my heart. I never have any planning which topic to write, I just sat down in front of system and thoughts starts coming to me. I enjoy writing, I enjoy my life a lot so I expect reading to enjoy too. Hope you do like my writing, leave a comment that will be inspiring Regards Himanshu Dada



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