My wife was a magician and she loved to perform magic.
But something happened that was devastating and tragic.
She tried to perform a new trick that she called ‘The Burning Box’.
The goal was to escape from a burning container after unlocking two locks.
But she couldn’t escape from the box like she thought.
If you’re wondering if she survived, sadly she did not.
I should’ve known that she couldn’t do it, I should’ve known that she would fail.
Her body was burned so severely that she lost her life and her beauty as well.
When she said what she was going to do, I should’ve put an end to it.
I should’ve put my foot down but I was ignorant and I really blew it.
I shouldn’t have listened to her when she asked me to trust her.
Now I’m a bitter and broken man and life no longer has its luster.
I can’t eat or sleep and people have been saying that I look pale.
I let my soulmate do something stupid and now life is pure hell.

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    This is a fictional poem.



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