she was alone but she was a fire

she walked around step by step

with long black hair and shimmering blue eyes


the heat of the sun was strong

and the love stories that does not go wrong

everything that she was living in was cold song


one day, towards the charming minutes

 prince and his guards steps the cold floor

and said,” come to my palace, you are chosen to  be  my princess”


The next day she comes to the palace

knock,knock and the queen comes instead

she warns her to go away, far away to  be never seen again

she returns with the torn  hearts


days passed and she never looked back

the prince comes to her and asked her out

“will you marry me rose?”then with warmth 

she goes to the palace.


as the queen brushed with anger

and next day slayed the girl.

hid her body to the deep earth.

where prince would never walk  towards north


the the love was true and the bond of hearts

he went searching for the girl north to south

seeing what he wished was dream,

was the grave of his beloved lover


he cried to his death

sleeping over her grave was what queen found







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    love can't be seperated



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