My hands gently cradle

Your precious heart

From which love and tenderness

You freely impart

And even across

Such distant shores

There’s an unbreakable connection

Between mine and yours.


Our hearts share a unique harmony

Though our time is spent miles apart

We both sing a parallel melody

One composed in our celestial chart.


Our sacred love flame has finally combined

A lifelong quest though it has been to find

Now I see that it burns

Bright and strong

An inspirationally tender torch song.


I’ve had, and still have, much to learn

A lesson at each corner I turn

A better teacher in you, I could not have found

It’s to you, Love, that I am bound.


You have brought focus to my undisciplined mind

You have awakened me as if I’d been blind.

Now as our energies seem to have become aligned

It’s clear our souls were once intertwined.


In your arms, in your heart, in complete unity

Forever, you are where I belong.

 You and I, for all eternity

A celestial love song.


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    Eternal love, beyond time and space!

My name is Sharon Cunningham and I would love to live in a stress-free world of love and joy. I live there when I write! When I’m not writing, I live where you live: on the outskirts of Nirvana! I’m a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife and a grandmother, and I cherish every role I’ve been blessed with. During the day I’m a paralegal. The rest of the time, I’m a grounded dreamer. I try to not so much write a poem, rather to allow a poem to write itself. My desire is that my writings create a window in our serious and stressful day that allows you and I a brief moment of sharing in an expression of the joie de vivre, love of life.



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