My face on the cold ground

it felt like forever

I herd them passing and laughing at me

lifting my bloody face off the floor

I see the other runners veering and not helping me

I see my best friends pass me

one by one until none were left

am I invisible?

did I want to be invisible?

a gentle hand picked me up and wipe my face

who could it be?

who would help me?

as I gingerly look up

I see none other than

the high school quarterback

then he said something I will never forget

not watch it brat or call me a rugrat but

“are you ok, here I will help you to the nurse”

I said “thank you” then smiled at him

from that day on he is my one and only friend

what about the others you may ask?

they are not real friends if they can not bare to give a second

  • :

    I fell in the hallway in the high school  how wonderful



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