The life in school
Where we all rule
Was the best
In each and every test

Keeping secrets among friends
Was one among many other trends
It was like wearing jewelry

As each day had its own Glory

In school we had fun
Which was more than a ton
It had tests in which we didn’t fuss
As it was for us

As growing years, time went by
Increased pressure and less fun made us cry
With this we forgot the fun we had
As we had no time for the this & that

All the formulas, I see through
Were cruel but true
The notes to remember
Were like a family member

Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Made us feel like we had to study etiology
To make the subject pure
And a study pressure cure

When naughty punishment was given
From where we tried to get of it ridden
The class laughed on us
We also laughed as we need not fuss

Then came the time to leave the school
Which meant we had to leave the fun which was not cool
Now time passed with job life
Missing all the fun of school life

Now on the verge of my last Autumn
I remember the newspaper column
Of Sudoku and jokes
Which was followed by fun and pokes

School life was best
Indeed school life was best
East or West
School life is best



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