I hear the sound of the pelting rain

The sound is loud and clear as it collides with the window pane

The isolated house is empty, eerily quiet

I feel alone and somewhat hollow

I’m not sure if I used to feel other things such as sorrow

My memories, I cannot recall

But what is it that keeps me here trapped?

Countless times, I try to escape

However, no matter how hard I try, I always end up coming back


I can merely scream in frustration in this cold,empty place

I cry and scream and even yell

 But all cannot be heard

I don’t know what happened to me at all

My whole body is only able to pass through things

I can control things with my mind

But no satisfaction is gained through that

For years and years, I’ve been kept prisoner in such a place

I know what I am


But how did this come to be?

How did I die?

Why can’t I do a simple thing like flee?

Why am I here? Why am I stuck?

My thoughts were temporarily interrupted as I heard lightning struck

As I wander back into the corridor, I see someone standing there

He looks familiar…the face…the body structure…the hair

He is completely soaked by the rain

For a moment, I feel something inside


My memories are coming back

My eyes go blank as I remember why I am here

I feel a burning sensation inside me

The room’s temperature suddenly plummets and it is now very cold

I can see him shudder and look around in fear

A cruel, cold smile creeps upon my lips

Minutes later, the body is laying there

The corpse is drenched

The red liquid pools around him


He lays there lifeless and I am filled with joy

I remember why I am here

You did this to me…

Now…you shall join me and roam this house

After all, you are indeed the man who murdered me

  • :

    The soul of a female ghost is trapped in a house because she does not remember who murdered her in cold blood. That is, until a figure enters the house and she recalls what happened. Due to her pure hatred and thirst for revenge. She wants to make that person go through what she did and has been going through for many years.



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