I’ve been going to a Kingdom Hall and I’ve become a Jehovah’s Witness.
The people are very friendly to each other which means we are blessed. 
The Kingdom Halls have different preachers on each Sunday and Tuesday.
Unlike other Denominations, our preachers never receive pay.

At the Kingdom Halls, we are taught that Jehovah is God’s name.
Some people tell lies about Jehovah Witnesses and it’s a shame.
One lie that people tell is that we don’t believe in Jesus.
We are good people, I hope that you’ll come to see us.

Unlike other churches, we don’t pass around a collection plate.
People at the Kingdom Halls are treated like family, it is great.
Besides listening to the preachers sermons, we study the Bible as well.
When people are untruthful about us, please ignore the lies that they tell.



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