Near my house lived,

an old jeweller

As old as one could be,and from five long years,

he seemed same to me.


A small shop ,from where I don’t know,

he got, and that too.. of jewellery.

But oh..the play of God,

the sonless father did not attracted any.

As for his girl, uneducated she sat and waited..

that one day ..a prince will come

and take’er away with him.


I passed from that way,

day and night..

and I always saw the shop open,

and I always saw the man there,

and I always felt pity for him,

as I never saw a man there.

for five long years ,I had been watching it..

the man there ,the customers nowhere…


Reason I don’t know ..

may be,he was a cheater once..

or he is bad hearted..

or he is being punished..for not educating his girl..

or all….


One day I was passing through,

and I was really pleased,

to see quite a people there..

I saw his girl..sitting alone on the marble..silently.

I went near,to see if there is any sale,

and I got to know,

the old man at last sold something

and that was his soul..

and his girl sat there..isolated,

waiting that a prince will come,

and take her to his father… 



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