Right arms stretched across the chest

Palms laid flat

Fingers outstretched

Quivering chins held up high

Misty eyes gaze toward the sky.


Flapping, waving, edges snapping

Banners streaming, crisp and cracking

Undulating in the breeze

Inspiring millions of devotees.


Recognized, world renown

Not for monarch or bejeweled crown

Waving high above hateful prejudice

Still, millions favor amity and justice.


High above the voices singing

Like the bells of chapels ringing

Though a symbol for equality

Still, millions have yet to feel that free.

    My name is Sharon Cunningham and I would love to live in a stress-free world of love and joy. I live there when I write! When I’m not writing, I live where you live: on the outskirts of Nirvana! I’m a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife and a grandmother, and I cherish every role I’ve been blessed with. During the day I’m a paralegal. The rest of the time, I’m a grounded dreamer. I try to not so much write a poem, rather to allow a poem to write itself. My desire is that my writings create a window in our serious and stressful day that allows you and I a brief moment of sharing in an expression of the joie de vivre, love of life.



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