Daddy I remember,

I remember you standing by the corner

Telling “hush, baby  don’t you cry”

One day  u’ve gonna fly

I remember I would sigh

You always wanted to see me high 

You taught me how to make a tie

You told me not to lie

Now I know the reason why…

All the cold mornings, just to bring me to school 

Giving me education, the main tool

Its hilarious you even taught me to sit on a stool

All those times you have treated me like a jewel

Words will never be enough…

I know its been tough 

But I’ve made you laugh

And I used to think to hell with all these instructions

No skating,,

No chatting

What I have is more than a father

I would wish for no other

Your heart to me is white than lather

For keeping your primises

I even love what your heart releases 

You a soft soul

You are trickier than the mole

You’ve contributed to my whole 

What can I say you’ve given me your whole

I can’t forget you bought my first doll

Its more than just adoration

This is a wordless sensation

For your love is like a fiction

Its so much I can never lose concentration. 

  • :

    Composed while thinking of my dad



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