Everyone loathed me

Nobody  wants me to be free

And then everything changed about me

Now I’m different that they can’t see


They told me words that could kill

They thought I wouldn’t feel

“We hate you, why couldn’t you die”

They don’t know they made me cry


Then one day there’s a miracle 

Everything that day wasn’t terrible

I held myself up but I am feeble

But I managed to get in the heart of people


But when the day I die

I thought everyone will cry

But everyone just say bye

And let out a  sigh 


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    I really love sad stories or poem that's why I tried to make a poem with a help of my friend and here it is. About a sad girl who's being bullied and she thought that everyone  already loves but day came and she died she thought because everyone "loves" her they will cry but it turned out in opposite way



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