I dumped Supergirl because her boobs are hard as rocks.
They are literally harder than concrete cinder blocks.
I should’ve known they were hard because bullets bounce off of them.
Breasts that aren’t soft should be a crime because it is so grim.
When I broke it off, she made my life a living hell.
She burned down my house and pissed in my well.
If you think that was bad, you won’t believe the other things that she did.
She lied to social services, she said that I abuse my son and I lost my kid.
She put an end to my sex life when she used her laser beams to castrate me.
My manhood has been taken and no jail will hold the bitch so she’s going free.
My life has fallen to pieces, I would give anything for some kryptonite. 
I would also want Batman’s armor suit so I could kill that bitch in a fight.
Don’t even think about dating Supergirl, believe me when I say that it is no fun.
If you date her and break it off, you’d better have a kryptonite bullet in your gun.



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