Thank-You…(is not known for hurting anyone’s pocket)

The art of appreciation
live in the heart of clear conscience
where jealousy does not reside..

Appreciation sings freely
in the soul of the wind
a selfless act that doesn’t cost a cent..

Gratitude brings warmth to the heart
and shows kindness of one’s soul
that shines with love and God’s blessings..

It isn’t difficult to show appreciation,
for thank you is not known
of hurting anyone’s pocket..

The effect of appreciation
is long lasting and dignified
the sweetness of thank you
and the person you are..

My name is Cecile; I was born in the 60's in the Seychelles Island.. I am fifth from a family of seven siblings. I can tell you; it was so much fun growing up in a large family. We played marbles, flying kites, hide and seek and so on...I was never too far from my brothers, I was there shadows, they climbed trees, I climbed trees too, monkey see monkey do...Never a boring moment. Oh how I miss those days in the island under the sun with my family. Life was so perfect until June 5th 1977 when the country was taken over by a group of thugs.Talking about the coup is a whole story in itself. A heart broken one at that...There is a whole lot more that meets the eyes in the Seychelles... I am a passionate person and love my family and friends. I have passion for the welfare of my country, and the return of peace and justice for my country will be a dream come true.. I am sure it is one of the reasons why I turned to writing. Most of my poems are a platform of reality; it will anger the beast of the oppressors but it will open the eyes of the unknown..So help me God...



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