The slow rewind

The backward tracings of Time

Dazzling day diffused

 Its time to unwind with wine

To observe random reflections

 To form  intutive connections.


Thinking of the attachments

Dwelling in the youth,now being a child

Almost feeling mothers touch, tender and mild

As impressions pile……

I feel suspended for a while.


And then some moments

Slip down the cheeks

Caressing ,warm and sweet

Catharsis, yet with soothing ease

Somel droplets unshed, accumulated

Now find a release.


How sweet seems the pain

How trivial the loss

How incosequent the gain

The anger, embarrassment and rebuke

Both stuffy and vain.


Let me then drink to

This reverse gear drive

Waltz under this eternal vault divine

Feel the cuddling comfort of recall

Before the day dazzles again

And ceaseless activities mechanize the brain.



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