I sometimes wonder
How I really feel 
For I purposely suppress
The feelings I keep hiding
By doing so am I denying my heart
or am I setting myself apart
Why do I feel like I need protecting from my own self
Aren’t feelings our most precious wealth?
Seems like a dangerous part of myself
Stepped out from the past
It took control of me
Before I knew what it was 
That part of me that was hidden
Was screaming to let go
To escape the dungeon
Where it was chained a long time ago
Part of me wanted to unleash
These pent up emotions I’m trying to sustain
But a large cloud of uncertainty shadows overhead
Am I ready to love…and to be hurt again?

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    we fear rejection too much that we tend to hide our true emotions...denying ourselves of the chance to be happy...and that fear often hinders us to find our one true love...we fear that we may lose something if we let go of our feelings without knowing that we are letting go of something even grander...



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