During the day I have to be strong, 
I walk the halls like nothing is wrong. 
But by day one way, by night another.
I can’t help these tears that flow. 
Only God knows why you had to go.
People keep asking me if I’m o.k.
The real answer is no, but yes I’ll say. 

Only too soon and it breaks my heart,
How am I supposed to keep from falling apart?
I hope that you watch me as I grow,
Because you’ve taught me so much, but there’s much more to know.
Cancer the worst of all words. 
A word I wished to have never heard.
But Dad you taught me to never give up, be a fighter, 
I just hope you’re proud I’m a writer. 

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    I recently just lost my dad to Cancer. I wrote this the day before he passed away not knowing he was going to leave me the next day. I changed some words around and thats just how it is. 

I've loved writing since the first grade. I'm not much with actually saying things, but when words fail my writing speaks. I've just recently went through my father passing and to help me heal I had my pen and paper. I think that writing is not just a free time, or a hobby, to me its everything. I want to be a writer. I want to be a poet. That's just me.



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