Piercing bewitching hazel eyes

Staring deeply at brown sunken eyes

This most certainly wrongly matched

Yet he won’t let her be snatched

A love society felt was outta place

He nudged her into a dance of grace

Nature in adherence blushes with pleasure

Knowing their chain’s solid beyond measure

Lovely Chipmunks and Squirrels clothed in white

Sing marvelously, oh what blissful sight

Shades of green, lovely ocean bubbles

Marry a love that strives above huddles

They’ll be wedded on the 6th of May

With a divine kiss, he’ll claim her on her birthday.

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    It is a poem for this very special man in my life.He is a missionary and above all my very best friend.

I am 23 and I've had the passion to write since childhood. I often write poetry and my poems are versatile. I write Christian poems, love poems, erotic poems and nature poems. I do try to write poems for couples and short stories too. Writing is more than a hobby to me. I'll be glad to be part of of this site. I've got an open mind and thus wiling to learn.



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