I had it made until my stupid wife ruined me.
I was rich until she went on a spending spree.
She spent it all before I even had the chance to stop her.
I had ten million bucks but because of her, I’m a pauper.
I was the richest man in my town but now I’m the most poor.
People are giving me funny looks because I’m buying clothes in a second hand store.
She forgot to insure the cars that she bought, even the Ferrari.
I only have ten dollars left and that jezebel isn’t one bit sorry.
A tornado came last week and destroyed every vehicle that she bought.
If you’re wondering if I think about strangling her, I think about it a lot.
She also spent a lot of my money on male strippers, booze and grass.
Now she’s going to need a proctologist to remove my foot from her ass.

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    This is a fictional poem.



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