They say I’m scarred for life

now that I’m not a virgin

no one would really accept me even though I try

But all I know is now I’m scared for life

because this society suffocates me

and I would honestly rather die

They judge my character by the way I dress

they say I’m a disgrace

without even knowing who I am

They simply guess that I’m a mess

but they’re right

cause they make me curse, oh damn

They build up the rage inside

And when it bursts open

it brings out my terrible side

Then they say I’m awful 

and then all I wanna do is hide

because now I don’t have a bit of pride

They make me cry 

but on the outside I still smile

They make me go nuts every once in a while

They make me go numb 

but I still feel the pain 

right inside in my every single vein

I wanna confront them

but they wont even listen

because for them I am just a brat that won’t ever glisten

If you want to know how my life is

it’s like you look like a queen

but you’re basically a dead rat within



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