Little sister

little sister, I dedicate this song to you

you’re the first wish I made that ever did come true

you made me smile every day, now I’m never blue you saved my life, girl you don’t even have a clue

my love, my best friend this love’s crazy but from the cutest baby to a stunning ¬†young lady

every day you amaze me, but lately You’ve blossomed to a woman that carries herself so greatly

I know that I’ve left home, sometimes you feel alone I’m just a call away, eleven digits on the phone

I love you to the bone I wanna make it know You will always be my baby even when you’re fully grown

Boys will come along for sure And take your heart that was once pure You’ll cry i will wipe your eyes

Well life comes and knocks you down I’ll pick you up from the ground Each time Cuz you’re my dime

This is only time

That will turn in to a crime

Cuz i will love you each time

Only cuz you are my dime


Girl when i die you will cry but i won’t be there to wipe your eyes

  • :

    i was sleeping whial thinking about this poem



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