Looking at the mysterious night,

I found myself lost in its wave

Coffee and the soothing music as my companion

Spending the moments that my life gave


Loneliness around me

Fascinating the clear night,

Enjoying with the noiseless sounds

And grabbing the glimpses of moonlight


Staring at the countless stars,

I’m busy in talking with the silence sky

I inhaled the breathe deeply

And hold my head high


Continuing my unanswered questions

I was enjoying the night

I wondered seeing myself

And asked am I doing right??


With the turbine of confusion,

I made an attempt to be out of it

As soon a shooting star took my glance,

Wearing a smile, I then started to dance


Rejuvenating peace and joy

I started to build the wall of intuition and satisfaction

Captivating each drop of silence

I started myself to be balanced


By Surya Maya Maharjan

  • :

    The words continued to flow when I was upset . The stars at the sky were so appealing and couldn't control myself to look at the sky. Cup of coffee and the music are my companions at that moment. 



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