I am always hiding
Behind the shadows of self-doubt
Lurking in the dark corner
Overpowered by hesitation and fright
Only seeing the fallacy of all these
Always behind the hindsight 
Had nibbled round the edges of my emotions
Always staying a step behind
Testing the waters
If its buoyancy can hold
This darkness embedded heart
I am always hiding 
Trying to blend in the background
For me to go unnoticed
Uncared for amid the throng
And in my hiding
I find solace
The inner peace I so long for
And i would forever be grateful 
For the dark hides away my tear
I would forever be thankful
For the shadows that mask my fear!

  • :

    confidence has always been an  issue to me...clouds of uncertainty hovering above my head taking over my sanity...doubt had somehow block my clear perspective about things...my esteem had been so low that i opted  to hide away from everything...



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