Just tell me that you’ll still love me and I will do the same and you can walk away  in peace  knowing nothing died in vain .

The pain I’ve caused in your heart will hopefully heal in time and in return my eternal hell play forever in your mind.

I pray that your next true love is Who its  supposed to be  so you can give her all the love you tried to give to me .

Now I’ll pray to God above to take away your pain and place it back in my two hands so I eat all  the shame .

The putrid stench of my existence sits with ill regard remorseful and distasteful I’ll show my ugly scars .

I’m not afraid to place the blame on my lying tongue .I fought the battle lost the war neither of us won.
The price I paid to play the game which I knew I lost realizing in the end you would be the cost ..

I took your love for granted with my selfish ways I’ll brand  your name Up on my tongue till my dying day.

it hurts to know the love you had for me is gone but that’s What happens your woman does you wrong. 

 to ask for your forgiveness will never be enough to take away the hurt and pain  that plague you with disgust to know the one you love the most filled you with distrust.

  I let the devil in our home where deceit began to fall and looming mischief hung like entities from our bedroom walls.

Consumed by fear and consequence of my own demise I filled my plate and  gorged myself on all the vicious lies. All the while your love stayed forever true and strong.

so instead of being honest I just held it in..i destroy the walls of our home as unrelenting crys  begins.

Secrets that I kept from you started seeping thru knowing it would kill you to hear the horrid truth i buried it much deeper in fear of losing you.

 Now here I stand before you broken and torn, Im sorry that ive made you a bitter man shattered and worn I’d take it all back If i could just to watch our love be reborn. .  

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    A wonderful man once thought I was his world. I did the unforgivable sin of all. And although I love him dearly if he decides to leave I know he'll find happiness again..



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