December 10th of 2010 I was

Holding your hand, telling you not to worry was not an easy thing for me to do

I sat with my brothers and kept asking myself is this our last goodbye?

As you happen to suffer in pain laying helpless on the hospital bed

 Being brain dead and unable to breathe on your own

I couldn’t help but cry, but pray for good results from the doctor and nurses

As they slowly took you off life support and removed you from the breathing machine

Losing someone I truly loved was just so hard for me

December 19th of 2010 we was

Heading to the hospital as we suddenly got a call saying she didn’t make it

I walked into the room where you laid peacefully

Resting in God’s arms, although I wasn’t ready for our last goodbye

I happen to miss your sweet beautiful smile and amazing personality

The thought of not hearing your voice or not seeing your face

Happens to put nothing but a frown on my face leaving me with nothing

But tears slowly going down my face as I tried to tell myself this can’t be right!

December 27th of 2010 it was

Time for us to say our final goodbye as we laid you to rest

I never imagined that it would end with you laying in a casket

You were always there through the thick and the thin

You were more than a mother to me your were my best friend

Nobody can ever replace the bond we shared with each other regardless

If it ended with you yelling at me, because all you really wanted

Was the best for me because you didn’t raise no dummy

On November 23rd and Mother’s day of every year

I happen to visit you to tell you happy birthday and to

Release balloons and lay flowers by your grave to show you

That I love and miss you dearly as I try to forget that heartbreaking day

That will forever haunt me throughout my teenage and adult years

Mom may you Rest in Peace! 


By Zyanneh Frazier

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    I lost my mom at a very young age and this November 23 is or would of been her 45 birthday so I wrote this poem basically to tell my point of view of what I went through during those final moments with my mom which was someone I loved dearly!

I grew up in Kansas City, Mo and My name is Zyanneh Frazier.. I happen to love writing poetry about things I see everyday or things I been through or others been through, I'm willing to make people smile or cry a little just by them reading some of my poems because when I write it's from the heart!



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