Ready for Christmas?

This is the holiday for good tidings and to be of good cheer,

I can’t believe it has been a whole year!

We start with “Black Friday” hurring to get deals that are “HOT”,

the people I see are really mean, I’m afraid I may get shot!

We start out with Christmas lists, too long to read,

I’m not sure why I take the lead.

With shopping cart in hand I try to get through the masses,

I wish I had taken Martial art classes!

We try to get toys that are close to perfection,

I know I will need a translator just to read the directions.

Where did all these people come from and where do they go,

I’m hoping that we don’t get stuck here, It’s reallystarting to snow.

Every where I go, the lines are so long,

I notice that I really dislike this Christmas song.

There’s a young child tugging at me, yelling and acting wild,

As I look down I realize, THIS IS NOT MY CHILD!

Out to the parking lot, I tell everyone to hurry,

The last time I saw driving like this, it was demolition derby.

The drivers are all fighting for spaces, I don’t want to wreck,

The worst part; I have to keep my language and hand gestures in check.

I am tired and spent as I pull in the driveway and start go get out,

As my mind starts to clear I realize, this isn’t my house.

I am pulling up to my house, I THINK,

Now I know why the mall Santa was outside sneaking a drink!

I am thinking about our outing and now I have a new fear,

How much sooner will shopping start next year?

Let’s face facts, we need some time in between,

At the very least, no Christmas shopping before Halloween!

  • :

    I only had Christmas day off work.  I was working 48+ hours a week.

    Needless to say, I was always tired when I had to go shopping.

    Everyone else  had time to rest.  I talked to some outher guys that had been dragged out shopping in the cold.

For the most part, I am either involved or see things happen. Rather than complain about it, I just take it in and try to find humor in it. What I came to find, most people like to have a humorus side than listen to doses of complaints. I find also that although it can be a little sarcastic, they have been in a similar situation. I have a few Christmas poems that people have read and I heard, "I can relate to that".


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