Jonah fled from God because he didn’t want to warn the Ninevites.
But he finally came to his senses, Jonah soon saw the light.
Jonah went aboard a ship and Jehovah God caused a terrible storm.
When God gave Jonah the mission to carry out, he refused to conform.
The ship was in terrible danger because Jonah had angered The Lord.
Jonah told the people to save themselves by tossing him overboard.
At first they wouldn’t toss him overboard, they flat out refused.
But they finally did it so their lives wouldn’t be something they’d lose.
But Jonah didn’t drown, God showed compassion by┬ámaking a whale swallow him.
Jonah survived after being swallowed when normally he would’ve met a fate that was grim.
When God protected him from death, Jonah saw the error of his ways.
When I think about the power of God, I’m in awe and I’m truly amazed.



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