Star in the night
waxing above me
brighter and brighter
She calls me to see

The universe of stars
panting and glimmering
flicker on and off
each moon ray shimmering

The shady spaces in between
with their endless dark height
will tell the whole story 
with neon bursts of light

Back out there I call
to all life gone past
the shadows toward peace
to the galaxy so vast

Galaxies and Galaxies
leave me stunned and dumb
for the perplexing immensity
where they are all one

I tell them I miss them
Out there in the dense black
reflecting over and over
the images that come back

Like a ripple in the water
We are all one sound
The echoes of the live sun
bring a common bound

In the songs of life
in peace and war
in loud and soft
in large and small

Star in the deep
send me your light
In this season of love
What a great sight!











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    I've been star gazing a little, it's that time of year.

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