My last Tootsie Roll is unwrapped
And it’s getting late,
Time to plan for next Halloween,
I can hardly wait!

Next time, I’ll visit that haunted house–
Suppose there really is a ghost?
It’s either one demented joke
Or I’ll be toast!

Next time, more sour candy, please;
I like the green ones best;
They get gooey in your mouth;
Oops, it’s such a mess.

I’ll admit, Halloween wasn’t as scary
As last year;
Black cats, ghosts, and vampires,
What is there to fear?

When I was young, I ran home,
Jumped under my bed and hid
After an ugly, terrifying witch boasted
That she ate little kids.

It was a woman in a costume,
Too realistic, too real,
But now that I think of it
It wasn’t such horrid deal.

Next time, I may not dress up,
But there’ more to Halloween;
I’ll carve a pumpkin with Justin Timberlake’s face
Like you’ve never seen.

I’ll take a stroll in the dark,
In awe of the big, orange new moon;
I’ll watch corn stocks whirl,
Swaying to a ghostly tune.

Next time, I’ll be ready,
Where do I begin?
As the chill winds blow and pumpkins grin,
Halloween is here again.



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