The cold enters
my skeletal system
My flesh feeling
sad and confused
My bones pasted on me
like they could break anytime
But I have to be careful
as I watch the bare broken branches
of trees laying on the ground
trying to rely more on 
the stronger trunk,
the roots inside me

This life leaves me
feeling empty, lost, in a dark space
aching for a little purpose
perhaps love, a great talent, 
a good friend

Better relationships will have 
to come in the future
also more motivation 
getting out when I don’t feel like it
Getting more light out of this scarey,
dark time

I need to go into 
that unknown
emerge at that island
but first be in that 
misty, foggy presence
and move within it til 
I get to point B
When I get there something
new will develop
I will have a complete recharging,
igniting and pulsating spirit
The spark flickering with color

My knees feeling 
like butter, though with
a purpose – I take 
that step – that first step –
and the travel is beautiful
focusing me right there 
in the here and now

I will develop 
into a purpose,
become that purpose
as I will be a vehicle of it
helping and healing
I become the intricate,
individual place I belong
and help the depressed,
lost and forgotten

I will make better choices
see more places
love more people
My life will have
what everyone wants –
that –  being happpiness




  • :

    I try to be positive in my writing, and this feeling of coldness, and being lost had me writing depressing things. When I realized this, I knew how important it was to write something positive.



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