As I lye awake next to you, I can feel the warmth of your love

it fills my soul just to know, that you are by my side

looking into your eyes, I see all that is possible, 

you are so good for me, it feels just right, the smoothness of your skin

as I touch you tonite, body tingling, the feeling of love is so overwhelming

i love you sweetheart, oh yes I do, you are my everything

my A,B,C my 1,2,3 – you see what your love does to me

it makes me proud of what we can be, together you and I will 

conquer the world, our love is our bond, yes our unbreakable bond

thats what we have, just the other day you said to me, this is how it should be

two young lovers, side by side, in a world so contrite, hand in hand

walking in the sand, with the moon above oh so bright, the dance of lite

before our eyes, a glimmer and a surprise. 

  • :

    It was something I thought of after I lost my girlfriend. 



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