I was in my bed with him

when the lights around were actually dim

His hand ran down my face

yet with a delightful grace

as it slowy went down my breasts

my heart welcomed them as guests

I could feel my breath get heavier

he couldn’t have been more sexier

Then his lips touched mine

It sent a shiver down my spine

One of his hands reached out for my clit

while the other grabbed my tit

With that I left out a moan

He left me complety mind-blown

He kissed my neck passionately

He turned me on so miraculously

My hands played with his hair

while he impressed me with his flair

He travelled down me and licked my cunt

nothing could now turn the night blunt

His touch was getting extremely intense

and my love for him grew immense

I couldn’t hold it in together any longer

I cummed and it was all in his honour

he licked till the last drop of it

He knew that my body felt lit

And it was my turn to have him pleased

before the moment got seized

I licked and sucked and kissed

I just couldn’t have a second of this time missed

I looked into his eyes for pleased approval

As my mouth filled with the saltly rewarded jewel

I swallowed it all

then reached up his body with a fierceful crawl

After which we cuddled and slept together

Nothing in my life had been any better

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    Just some wild imaginations of how perfect a night could be




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