When my only son was killed, I received that dreaded call one hour later.
She was a cop who murdered my son in cold blood and I really hate her.
It’s hard to believe that she’s a woman because of what she did.
A big part of me died that night when that witch murdered my kid.
He was murdered because he saw her selling cocaine.
She’s in prison for life so that means that my son didn’t die in vain.
She tried to make it look like self defense.
But an eyewitness discredited her pretense.
When I was told that my son had been killed, I knew that life would never again be the same.
I had a breakdown and I’m in such a bad shape that at times I can’t even remember my name.
My son is gone forever but at least justice prevailed.
She’s an evil woman and I hope that she fries in Hell!

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    This is a fictional poem.



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