How should I tell you, that how much I love you

You love me that much I never came to knew,

You are my mother, you are my god,

No one can beat me with stick or an iron rod.


In metros or in bus you always give me your seat,

For me why to your friends you never meet?

You are my teacher you are my soul,

In my life you play a very important role.


On my mistakes why don’t you ever beat?

Thank you to wash my clothes and make them neat.

Thank you to teach me how to read and write,

I love to sleep with you every night.


I hate you, when you become very rude

But thank you to make tasty food,

For this poem you beat me or not depends on your mood….







  • :

    this is a poem i have written for my mother as she loves me a lot. this is just a small tribute to her:)



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