The first time I ever saw your lovely face

You stole my heart, my soul, and myself from me

I felt your love like a sword going through my body

I felt your eyes penetrating the walls of my thirsting soul

Everyday I light a candle, and hope you’d feel my love for you

Everyday I pray to God, and ask Him to unlock your heart for me

I live on the hope that you and I will be together and forever someday

The day I will embrace your heart, and hide it deeply in the core of mine

I wished you’d be my eternal love that no one can ever take away from me

I wished to be with you, to take care of you, to share with you my warm love

I wished to give you the most of my undivided attention and sweet compassion

My love … give me a fair chance to show you how so very special you are to me

How much I love you, care for you, long to be with you, wish to be the man for you

So, if my simple words and truly honest feelings can ever find some way to your heart

Help me make this love a real thing that may be the chance we’ve both been waiting for




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