It’s impossible to fix the broken things,

Even how hard you put everything back in place.
Once it’s ruin, mark stays and remain.
It’s like trust, once it’s lost it’s hard to regain.


Even the hardest effort has made… 
to lift the great love that once was dead,
It is still hard to erase the scars had built,
Even if Heart wants you back and be kept.


My Heart and Mind is now at greatest struggle…
They are now fighting in winning the battle,
Heart wants to take all chances to get love again…
But Mind never let Heart destroying the system.


For Mind knows, Heart will cry again in pain!
Yet then, Heart don’t mind the blame…
Still follow its heartbeat,
And again, Heart cries head over feet!

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    Being confused if have to bring the Love back again after all the heartaches have been. A battle between a heart and mind.... Who will win among the two?



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