I love my True Blue Aussie man

Straight from the true blue Aussie land

He stole my heart like no other man

With his big blue eyes and his golden tan.


I want a true blue Aussie Man

Made from the grit of Aussie land

Works like a dog — sleeps like a log

That’s the True Blue Aussie Man!!


Doesn’t spend his time sitting swatting flies

Or on steamy days watching moisture rise

He has a heart the size of the Aussie land

How I love my strapping Aussie Man!!


He eats until his belly’s full

As tough and strong as a Mallee bull

A loving and honourable family man

Now that’s a True Blue Aussie Man!!


I adore my True Blue Aussie Man

Straight from the beautiful Aussie land

in the entire world there’s none better than

The Loyal, Proud Australian Man!! 

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    A loving dedication to "the Family Hunter"


My name is Sharon Cunningham and I would love to live in a stress-free world of love and joy. I live there when I write! When I’m not writing, I live where you live: on the outskirts of Nirvana! I’m a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife and a grandmother, and I cherish every role I’ve been blessed with. During the day I’m a paralegal. The rest of the time, I’m a grounded dreamer. I try to not so much write a poem, rather to allow a poem to write itself. My desire is that my writings create a window in our serious and stressful day that allows you and I a brief moment of sharing in an expression of the joie de vivre, love of life.



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