I don’t know when it started

And when it came to an end

Still, I cannot say

What truly happened?

Coz I’m still puzzled,

Puzzled with your sayings

And with your behaviors’

I even don’t want to question you anymore

Nor in a mood to answer

I won’t be telling you

About my regrets

Do I really say it was a mistake?

What to say? It was yours or mine….


But….happy with those moment

The time I had with you

And gratification that I got

Even from those small stuffs

The satisfaction was just inexplicable

And who should teach you to bring a sweet smile

Rolling the times

Chit chatting again and again

Living a fun filled life

Who cared about the running time?

And its importance

Or it’s value?

It was moving like a speedy train

I wish time would have given a ringing bell

So that I would be able to manage

Still…… time itself taught to heal

This is the way how life turns its way

With no more queries left

I started loving myself


And to stay beautiful!!!



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