My little Angel

I have my little angel and for me he left his wings, he just has no idea how much happiness he brings.
He brightens up each day and night with his beautiful smile and helps me to remember all the blessing that I’ve been granted with all this time.
His face is perfection, his heart is kind and pure. He tries his very hardest to please and do what’s right.
Each person that has known him sees the light within his soul and I simply know that in this world, he has a true and special role.
My boy is helpful and also considerate to each and every living soul so the light in him shines brighter as my little angel grows.
He would squeeze away my sorrows and makes me forget all my pain, he shows me where the sun is hiding from the rain.
I feel that God does love me, as he showed me with his grace I knew exactly how much when I saw my little angel’s face and at that very moment when he came in to my world, I knew that he was so much more than just my baby boy.
He would be my sunshine that would brighten up my day’s and when he grows up one day he would be my closest friend…
He is mainly my reason that I always try my very best because when God entrusts to you an angel, who has left his wings for you, Encircle him with love and care with everything you do….



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