Yin 2 my yang!!!
She’s the yin to my yang the light that shines through my darkest dreams, the one I longed for and waited through out all of this years…. Why settle for less when you can have the best, the one that fulfils your soul and inspires your mind!!! I’ve always questioned my past is this it?! Is she the one?! Time, after time, after time but at the time I felt nothing… Numb!!! That was all that I felt… I tried to feeI something if anything at all; Tried to love, but that’s something that can not be forced up-on… Then along comes you; your soul so perfect for me. I know we’ve only been together 24 months now but it truly feels like a life time, you get me like no other and you have turned my life around in such a short space of time…. Our souls attracted at that very first glance. I never believed in happy endings or fairy tales; as a mater of fact I still have a lot to learn. I know fairy tales ain’t true but I believe in God and I believe in me and you… With love:Alex Demarco



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