I was just going through the album

With great zeal and a smile on my face

Reminiscing about those childhood days which we spent

I must say our friendship is in high place


And coming home together after school

Cracking jokes on each other seems like we are fool

Sharing homework and lunch

Remember?? You used to get my punch

Ah!!! Brings smile on my face J J J


I still remember the every single day

That hair pulling and nicknaming each other acts

Yes!!! Those were the days

And, must say our most memorable facts


And who could forget the time

Those unwanted fights when we were together

Must say the most hilarious whine J J

But see the time has really changed

Sad and happy moments are still exchanged L J

Ah!!! Brings smile on my face J J J



Though you are miles far from me

I am there to act like a buzzing bee

Still the same activity continues in viber

You are still there to make me hyper


I am happy that I can share my good and bad times

You are there to listen like a chime

All those irritating and humorous interactions

But don’t want to break into fractions

Ah!! Brings my smile back J J J


Yes, am happy for you, for your behavior

For your support, for your sense of humor

Our friendship will last stronger and longer

And I know, we will be friends forever and ever!!


Ah!! Brings smile on my face J J J J J


By Surya Maya Maharjan

  • :

    This poem is dedicated to my childhood friend. It gives the picture of our school days and looking at today we really have grown up. No matter the distance we are still in touch and our past activities are just so memorable.



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