I long to take you into my arms

On this cold and blustery night

To nestle into your soft embrace

I hunger for that tender delight


As I sculpt your image from memory dust

Perfectly moistened with the mist of time

I relive the echoes of past encounters

Of tender moments, just you and I


My body tingles with anticipation

My fingers long to caress your skin

With abandon my thoughts soar from past to future

My heart yearns breathlessly for your smile.


The days pass slowly

The nights seem eternal

Until finally I rejoice and give thanks

Now I capture and embrace you

Caress and enfold you 

For you have been missed more than words can relay.


    My name is Sharon Cunningham and I would love to live in a stress-free world of love and joy. I live there when I write! When I’m not writing, I live where you live: on the outskirts of Nirvana! I’m a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife and a grandmother, and I cherish every role I’ve been blessed with. During the day I’m a paralegal. The rest of the time, I’m a grounded dreamer. I try to not so much write a poem, rather to allow a poem to write itself. My desire is that my writings create a window in our serious and stressful day that allows you and I a brief moment of sharing in an expression of the joie de vivre, love of life.



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