Life is a great opportunity,

So dont spend it in a misery. 

Achieve your goals and grades

And dont be scared or afraid. 

There are opportunities to choose

And nothing to make you lose. 

Give your chances a shot,

Or people will say “You Could not” 

Life is something we all share, 

Just like oxygen, throughout the air. 

The way we live it is up to us

To opportunities dont think you must. 

Life is something we’ve been blessed, 

Choice is yours, Choose your quest. 

Follow your dreams and you’ll be fine, 

With the right compassion you’ll shine. 

Take your paint amd brush, 

Take your time do not rush. 

Life requires a lot of heart,

So it’s like a piece of art. 




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    This poem comes from a story about me when i didnt take any opportunities because i wasnt good at anything. Then i tried art and i was excellent.  That is why i mentioned a paint and brush. 



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