I have felt a gain


And a lesson of my pain


I feel better with you


I have a better view




You have made me so happy


After I had felt so crappy


You are my world


And Everything has been whirled




I used to feel cold


But now you have given me a hand to hold


I now feel safe


And not like a waif




You opened my heart


Which is a truly beautiful art


I can’t understand the feeling for you


But, to me I know it’s true




I have found true happiness


And this is probably a lot off sappiness


You have given meaning to my song


That I needed for so long




You were my only wish


You made my heart go swish


All the things I didn’t say


Are all stuck in my brain


You brought my sunshine


When I only saw rain


You brought me laughter


When I only felt pain




I don think you fully comprehend


How my life would end


Without you in it


I would sadly sit




I would lose all hope


I wouldn’t be able to cope


I love you so


With you I have a glow




I smile through every season


And you are the only reason


I am really in love


Because you are my blessing from above




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